Credit unions in California serve over nine million members and continue to demonstrate positive growth. While other financial institutions are experiencing financial difficulties, California credit unions are well capitalized and in a great position to continue serving consumers.   Member’s accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration, (NCUA), an agency of the federal government. Accounts are insured up to $250,000.00 per account plus IRA and KEOGH accounts are insured separately up to $250,000.00. Specifically the shares in your credit union are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) an arm of NCUA.   Your share insurance is similar to the deposit insurance protection offered by the FDIC.   The NCUA has created a share insurance estimator. The purpose of this estimator is to determine the insurance coverage on your credit union accounts.
This Estimator can help you...
o         Determine if you have adequate share insurance for your accounts with the NCUSIF - insured credit union
The NCUA has also initiated The Share Insurance Call Center. This call center has been established to help credit union members better understand the insurance protection NCUA provides for member accounts. The Share Insurance Call Center operates from 8:00a.m.-6:30p.m. (EDT) Monday through Friday. Insurance experts are available to answer questions about coverage provided by the NCUA share insurance. The toll free insurance call center number is 1-800-755-1030.   We encourage members to utilize the Call Center and the estimator to the fullest extent possible.
IBEW Members + Credit Union wants to reassure its members that we remain safe and sound as we continue to offer a wide variety of financial services through the current national economic downturn.

Discount tickets are now available at the credit union for Discovery Kingdom, and Great America.  Call the credit union for more details about pricing or other questions you may have about our discount tickets.


Sprint and Nextel Discounts

Sprint and Nextel has announced special discounts for Credit Union members.  If you would like to sign up for Sprint or Nextel service, or are already a Sprint or Nextel customer, please click here to visit their special website where you can read more about the discounts and sign up.


Discount tickets are now available for the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park!  Click the link here to acces the California Academy of Sciences website and enter MtDiabloCCUL for the User ID & alligator for the Password!

Tame Those Bills

The electric bill arrives. It gets waylaid into a pile of papers where it sits for two weeks before you notice it again. Your payment is now late, and you get hit with a late fee. Sound familiar? Are you tired of writing checks, buying stamps, driving to the mailbox and, yes, paying the occasional late fee because you missed the payment deadline? Then try Online Bill Pay from your credit union. All it takes is a few minutes to set up your list of creditors and establish a user ID and password for you to access your account. After that, all it takes is a few mouse clicks to pay your bills. If your bill payment is the same each month (for example, your mortgage or cable TV service), you can set up your account to automatically pay the same amount on a set date each month. With variable bills, your account lets you enter the amount to be paid. Sound easy? It is. You do not need to be a computer expert to pay your bills online. Once you have your account set up and have a few months' experience clicking your bills paid, you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner. And the best part is the cost: It's FREE! Call or visit your credit union today and let us show you how easy it can be to pay your bills.


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